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I have been a trainer, presenter, facilitator and, for the last few years, a coach. Like many people I know I fell into the IT sector by accident; I discovered that I had a knack for explaining complex concepts in a way that made them more accessible.  This led to the start of my career as a technical trainer. Fast forward a few years (eleven in fact) and I worked at Microsoft where I was fortunate to be able to develop my skills in presenting, speaking and facilitating. 

"Just one example of why I think Andrew is a rockstar ...- I put him on stage in front of 800 people for the launch of Windows 7 at Wembley Stadium. He made everything real and easy to understand, coupling real world experience with threats that exist."

Andrew Fryer - Microsoft Evangelist


It occurred to me that there was a common thread running through my career path and that was a desire to work with people & organisations to help them excel. Becoming a Coach was, for me, the next logical step. 


DAYL aims to provide a unique experience in Coaching, Mentoring and Training. My goal is to work with individuals and businesses to create change to improve their lives and/or the business' performance.

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